• 23/04/2014

    De-stress and Detoxify your life..

    There is nothing like lying down, on a Sunday night with a heart going around 100 BPM.   In case you hadn’t guessed…   …I would actually advise that you DON’T try it.   But, in a weird way – am kinda glad it happened to me:   Made me realise that we all deal

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  • 16/04/2014

    Would you like to learn WHY everything you have tried hasn’t worked?

    These count towards the less as well for you!   6 months of dieting.   At one point living off BLENDED tuna.   (As in can of tuna, bit of water, in a blender & down the hatch)   Hour of cardio in the morning.   Hour of weights every night.   6 days a

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  • 04/03/2014

    ‘Suspend your Disbelief’

    What it made of plastic, has attachment straps, can fit discretely into a bag and give you hours of ‘fun’ for years….   😉   Well, firstly we need to define what ‘fun’ is   (remember you are talking to a personal trainer here!)   I am talking about something that has been...

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