Advantages of Kettlebell Training in Portishead

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Kettlebells, for all their simplicity, are the ultimate exercise system, giving the user a full body workout with all the health advantages of shedding excess weight, building and toning muscle, increasing the heart rate and maintaining the flexibility of the entire body.

Kettlebell training in Portishead will make you feel stronger, give you a faster metabolic rate and increase your overall fitness in a very short time. Using one or two kettlebells only, the user is able to work different parts of the body at once as the kettlebells are swung over, around and away from the body in a rhythmic fashion. The body has to work hard to overcome the resistance of the swinging kettlebell, strengthening those important core muscles and challenging you to maintain the momentum. Exercises may be performed sitting, lying down or from a standing position, and range from a gentle up and down swing to taking the kettlebell through several planes in one exercise routine, to work every muscle in every direction possible.

Kettlebell training in Portishead can be performed either with a group or solo. Group work is a fun and sociable way of training, and allows the user to select an appropriate weight with which to exercise. Training alone or with one of Pure Results Personal Trainers will allow you to tailor your workout to hit your problem areas. Even a 2kg kettlebell will make you work harder than you can imagine, so it is important to start with low weights before trying to manage the heftier beasts weighing a veritable ton!

Kettlebell training in Portishead will challenge even the fittest athlete whilst at the same time allowing the not-so-fit to work alongside in a safe and supportive training environment, where everyone benefits from enjoying the companionship group training can give.

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