De-stress and Detoxify your life..

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There is nothing like lying down, on a Sunday night with a heart going around 100 BPM.


In case you hadn’t guessed…


…I would actually advise that you DON’T try it.


But, in a weird way – am kinda glad it happened to me:


Made me realise that we all deal with stress in different ways: a recent study (see below) showed that stress was one the major factors in living a long and happy life:


For me, even though I train regularly.


Eat well.


Do all the stuff that you *should* to keep your body ticking along nicely…


…still found myself lying in silence HEARING my heart beat against my chest.


For me, that was my body’s way of telling me to slow down.


Mad thing was… I didn’t even FEEL stressed!


But, it seems running one business…


Setting up another…


Trying to help out at home…


Multiple writing deadlines across 3 times zones..


…AND trying to have a life




One stressed out Dan!


I also realised I had gained some weight lately without ANY changes in my diet:


Bet you didn’t know that stress, and the hormone it releases (cortisol) stops you losing weight…


…AND can make you gain weight?


So in the last two weeks I have made some major changes:


Not only has the weight I gained dropped off…


Not only do I sleep better…


…there are a couple of other neat little things that have happened that have improved my life 100%


So, if you are interested in what I did to de-stress and detoxify my life.


(That and shift some weight with NO extra effort)


Then keep an eye out, as over the next week or so I’ll tell you exactly what I did.


Until then….


Dan ‘doing it in the dark’ @ Pure Results

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