Would you like to learn WHY everything you have tried hasn’t worked?

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These count towards the less as well for you!


6 months of dieting.


At one point living off BLENDED tuna.


(As in can of tuna, bit of water, in a blender & down the hatch)


Hour of cardio in the morning.


Hour of weights every night.


6 days a week.


I finally achieved what (at the time) every young chap apparently desires….


…the ubiquitous ‘6-pack’.


Yet even though my midsection seemed to consist of abs and veins and all that stuff I was told would make me instantly desirable to the opposite sex…


…I still had bloody love handles.


Scroll forward ten years, and I FINALLY figured out what the issue was:


You see all the articles and groups telling you to count calories….


Do ‘this exercise this many times’ to achieve the body of your dreams…


Or my new favourite pile of nonsense:


’30 bananas a day’


(and will rant about that another day).


Didn’t take into account what was happening INSIDE my body.


My hormones were out of alignment, I had at the time very low testosterone.


(you wouldn’t think it now as I look half man half wolfy/bearish – its a niche look at best!)


But my ability to manage insulin (digest carbs) was rubbish, and even though young – I had a very stressful corporate job that physically prevented me from losing the handles.




Which brings me to my next point:


I mentioned the other day that I was going to put a seminar on about the links…


(actual ones proven by science, and not marketing)


…with hormones, stress, weight loss and health.


Basically if the above ^^^ aren’t in alignment…


…you can do all the bootcamps, runs, diets you like:


Won’t make a bit of a difference.


Now I have filled up the smaller venue I booked, but have been asked to put on more space – so I need 9 more people to fill the room.


Would you like to learn WHY everything you have tried hasn’t worked?


Or maybe you would like to optimise your insides so your outsides look (and feel amazing?)


If so, just hit reply and I can add you to the list.


Right, I’m off to go and read with an organic cider.


Yes – I am allowed.


Times ten.


Dan ‘I do like to be beside the seaside’ @ Pure Results.


P.S. If any of you want to jump ahead of our next editorial in Gordano Living – we have a male & a female diagnostic session up for grabs.


Have a look? Worth £147 and if you fit the bill yours for the grand sum of zero pounds….


Just click on the link, read & follow the instructions:







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