‘Suspend your Disbelief’

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What it made of plastic, has attachment straps, can fit discretely into a bag and give you hours of ‘fun’ for years….




Well, firstly we need to define what ‘fun’ is


(remember you are talking to a personal trainer here!)


I am talking about something that has been around for many, many years (think of the gymnastic rings and you aren’t too far off the mark), but has recently been popularized by brands such as TRX and FX Pro.


If you are a little bit lost, let me introduced you to the world of suspension training:


Now in its most simple form , suspension training involves attaching a strap (sometime two) to a fixed point, and this leads to two handled stirrups that you can put you feet in.


The beauty of this form of training is that it is heavily reliant on the core – mainly because YOU are the resistance as a opposed to weights on a machine, on a dumbbell or from resistance bands.


Because you can alter the resistance VERY easily, it means you can have a swift, full body workout that really targets the core, it’s a very efficient use of training time.


For those who are coming back from injury, we have a lot of clients who have tweaked their back find that suspension training allows them to work out pain free. The way it is designed means by altering the angle which you use your body (in relation to the straps), means that you can work to a pain free range of motion.


Using suspension training forces to use the smaller muscles (often known as ‘stabilisers’) that help keep the body aligned and functioning properly. You find a LOT of athletes use suspension training to keep their body working correctly, and is great ‘in season’ as doesn’t stress the nervous system too much – and allows you to safely work the muscles through a full range of motion.


Its also great for those who may be new to exercise, as you can alter how hard the exercise is so you can push yourself to the appropriate levels, and not get disheartened as some do when they find a new skill or technique too hard on the first time. You are the resistance, change the angle – make it easier or harder – its up to you!


If you hadn’t realized by now, we love suspension trainers. We cant really think of a group it cant help, we have seen great results with:



Those with overall fat loss goals

Athletes from every sport

Post injury clients

Those who drive/sit for extended periods of time

Those with medical issues affecting balance or stability

Elderly individuals looking to start an exercise regime


We have put together an entire ‘at home’ routine that runs in conjunction with our personal training system – why not pop along and see what you can achieve?


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