Want To Lose Your Festive Fat?

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The weather’s cold, so jumpers are baggy, coats cover a multitude of sins, and if your waistband’s a little tight, what of it? The temptation to overindulge is terrific, and none of us are immune. However, when all that’s left of the last mince pie is a few crumbs, you can’t use the excuse that your clothes have shrunk in the wash any longer, especially if elastic waistbands are starting to look like a good option. Better still is a search for a personal trainer in Portishead.

Now the Christmas temptations are fading you can begin to pull back the excess eating and regain your fitness. As a personal trainer in Portishead who has piled on the pounds and fought them off again I know the struggle to motivate yourself. So heres some tips;

Take a photo of yourself without breathing in and pulling a skinny pose. Photos cant lie, if you continue to take photos at various periods throughout your exercise and diet you will see your results and motivate yourself.

You might think that a personal trainer is beyond your budget – however, you’re less likely to miss one to one training sessions, and if you know when they’re going to be in your diary, you can factor in the cost accordingly. In addition, the motivation of working with an individual personal trainer in Portishead will inspire you to keep up your fitness regime in between sessions.

Good basic tips for getting back in a fitness regime include setting yourself goals (with a reward when you reach them), and occasionally taking a “day off” the diet and exercise – no one’s a robot, and if you allow yourself to fall off the wagon without penalty now and again, your chances of success long-term are much greater.

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