• 23/04/2014

    De-stress and Detoxify your life..

    There is nothing like lying down, on a Sunday night with a heart going around 100 BPM.   In case you hadn’t guessed…   …I would actually advise that you DON’T try it.   But, in a weird way – am kinda glad it happened to me:   Made me realise that we all deal

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  • 16/04/2014

    Would you like to learn WHY everything you have tried hasn’t worked?

    These count towards the less as well for you!   6 months of dieting.   At one point living off BLENDED tuna.   (As in can of tuna, bit of water, in a blender & down the hatch)   Hour of cardio in the morning.   Hour of weights every night.   6 days a

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  • 04/03/2014

    ‘Suspend your Disbelief’

    What it made of plastic, has attachment straps, can fit discretely into a bag and give you hours of ‘fun’ for years….   😉   Well, firstly we need to define what ‘fun’ is   (remember you are talking to a personal trainer here!)   I am talking about something that has been...

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  • shutterstock_143386390

    Benefits of Bootcamp in Portishead

    Bootcamp in Portishead offers a fitness boost to everyone, regardless of their age, gender, fitness level and aspirations. Group bootcamp sessions are designed to make exercise fun, social and inclusive, with everyone working together as a team, motivating and encouraging each other to complete each...

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  • shutterstock_97831307

    Nutrition Tips For Sports Performance Training in Portishead

    Regardless of your sport, eating to fuel your body is an essential element that is often ignored, leading to nutritional deficits, chronic tiredness and even anaemia. Pure Results sports performance training in Portishead delivers nutritional advice that is relevant to your particular sport, whether...

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