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Sickness through stress costs the UK economy £3.7 Billion per year.

Stress itself can cause a myriad of health problems from weight gain, increased mortality rate, lack of sleep, emotional/psychological issues – and overall can drastically affect the quality of your employees working environment…

…which, in an increasingly litigatious society, can have profound effects on your business as a whole.

However, with the appropriate wellness strategies, many of the above effects can be negated – plus the services can be offset for tax breaks, AND sold as employee benefit.

What is wellness?

Workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or organisational policy designed to support healthy behaviour in the workplace and to improve health outcomes.

From the board of directors, to front line and support staff – a correctly delivered wellness strategy can provide an intervention, motivation or simply education. Or it can allow you to define the best course of action to get the most out of your staff – as well as foster a healthier, happier environment.

What can Pure Results offer?

We can offer a variety of services that can profoundly affect the health, fitness and attitude of your workplace.

We have been trained and mentored by the worlds best, and are able to deliver cutting edge, scientifically proven strategies – all delivered in an ‘easy to digest’ and practical format.

We can create a bespoke package for your business, but popular options are:

  • Lunch & Learn (1 hour presentation on a variety of topics – such as eating for workday performance, stress management, relaxation techniques, postural correction, etc).
  • Lifestyle assessment – body fat test, measurements, full movement and postural screen, nutritional advice/diet evaluation – 10 minute slots throughout the day
  • On-site fitness delivery – can arrange for a team to deliver fitness classes at your place of work (location to do this required)
  • Executive management – remote monitoring of all metabolic functions – daily stress testing (via 120 second usage of smartphone app and strap) on-line personal training, full blood analysis (testosterone levels, cortisol {stress hormone} levels/liver/thyroid/kidney function, digestive profile, etc)
  • Company wide/team incentives – weight loss/fitness through remote tracking software – partner business. Incentives for most steps done, most weight lost as a team.
  • Nutrition – can arrange for seminars, private 121 sessions, advanced supplementation (for optimal health, longevity and performance – esp. good if role has high stress or requires lots of dinners/alcohol consumption)
  • Company health and stress audit – can evaluate company for bottlenecks and major causes of stress and ill health, and make recommendations accordingly.

As well as the above; our mentors are very much the top of the fitness, health and wellness industry. We have access to the world’s premier voice on corporate fitness/wellness who is based in the U.S. as our consultant. We take the best people and advise, combining it to give you the best possible service.


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