Injury Rehabilitation Bristol


If you are recovering from an injury, illness or recent surgery, you may think that personal training is off limits for you until your back in peak health.

However, at Pure Results in Portishead, we design unique fitness solutions for unique situations.

We work with Walnut Grove Clinic, a highly respected local multidisciplinary medical centre that can provide a range of therapies to help you achieve your goal.

This can include but is not limited to Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Hypnotherapy, sports and holistic massage.

With a proven team of professionals your recovery and healing can be encouraged and supported. Walnut grove Clinic has had huge success with all levels of individuals – from weekend warriors to Olympic medallists. The highly qualified team can help you achieve your best performance, and work hand in hand with the team at Pure Results in a consultative fashion.

Whatever you current level of mobility, injury or personal physical situation – we work together to design a solution that’s is bespoke to YOU.

Pure results offer rehabilitation and mobility training that is specifically designed for people who in recovery or have limited mobility – but don’t want to miss out on the benefits of regular training.

With our unique methods of training, that are supported by science! the specialists at Walnut Grove Clinic and carried out by world-class fitness professionals, we have the knowledge and experience to design a special programme that will incorporate your specific injury or situation and allow you to workout without aggravating it or causing any pain.

Doctors recommend that fitness is maintained while injuries heal.

However, it’s really important that you engage in the right type of injury training in Portishead, in the right way and at the right frequency, to ensure you do not cause further damage. If you are going to train, it is crucial you do so with the expert advice of an experienced and skilled personal trainer.

As well as maintaining you level of fitness, we can even improve your strength and performance by using scientifically proven techniques and training methods.

Your safety remains of primary concern to us, and we will only allow you to train at a level that is suitable and comfortable.

Perhaps you will not know your limits at this time, but we will – and it is important we make sure you do not push yourself too hard, while still achieving results.

Best of all, this specific type of personal training will mean you are in the best shape possible to engage in a more complete and challenging personal training regime once you are given a clean bill of health thanks to your injury training in Portishead.

Contact us now for your bespoke injury rehabilitation plan.

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