Life Coaching



You can try all of the diets, read all of the books about goal setting, write lists, make plans, structure your day around your training.


But do you know what?


Sometimes you just need a little ‘helping hand’ to get you on your way. You see it’s not all about fitness, far from it. If the other areas in your life aren’t in sync with your goals – then sometimes no matter what you try – the results just don’t come.


We have been coached by two of the industries premier practitioners in this area, Dax Moy and Brian Grasso. Pure Results offers 12 week guided plans that can help you through the psychological ‘barriers’ that you may have to achieving success in your life.


There are 4 fundamental points that are the pinnacle of life coaching;


1 – Acceptance – You have to accept that life is a story, your success, failures, achievements and your defeats. 

2 – Awareness – Your life, your story, needs to be understood. We do not try and figure out the meaning of life or the science of our creation, we look into your circumstances, that is the only story that matters. 

3 – Accountability – We can all point the blame, but the only person that is accountable for your story if you. 

4 – Adaptation –  Change does not require us to ‘create’ the change. Upon understanding the process you simply adapt to the new situation.


On certain personal training packages, life coaching services are available monthly/weekly as part of your plan. But, if you feel you might need expert guidance to help you achieve the ‘next level’ in your personal development, Pure Results Portishead can be there to make that happen.

What we do doesn’t have to have anything lifting things or breaking a sweat – the mind needs ‘training’ just as much as the body. We can do this for you in our private facility or over Skype if you would prefer.

Apply below for an application form (please note your responses go direct to the Operations Director, and are completely private) and she will call you back once she has received it.

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