The Team

Andy Davis

Andy Davis
Head Trainer

‘You can’ is what I believe in as a coach, there has been many times where I have to think to myself ‘you can’ and this is what I strive to help all my clients believe. Sometimes its tough to have that level self-belief but it’s a great trait and will help you on your way to achieving your goals.

I competed in athletics and rugby at a high level from a young age, I then suffered a serious injury to my leg, trained myself back to full recovery and that is what influenced me into my career now. Helping people understand their body, how it works, how nutrition affects them and to reach their desired targets and goals. I now compete in weightlifting and cross fit, I have won various competitions but always pushing to exceed what I ever thought was possible. I take this same mindset into training my clients, helping them achieve results they thought were unachievable.

Do you ever wake up and think you’re never going to get to where you want to be?
Think again, you can.


Cameron Sheam
Head Trainer

Going to the gym and performing physical exercise is more than just losing a few pounds, gaining a great physique, getting a sweat on… or whatever the latest trend in the fitness industry is to me. Investing in your own health has always been my main drive, understanding how your body works, understanding that we are all individual and most importantly enjoying being ‘fit’ and healthy.

Throughout further education I found my passion for helping people 1 to 1 in gyms and health clubs. I put my all into helping people achieve their personal goals and become more confident, whether that’s in weight loss, physical performance or just living a healthier lifestyle. Graduating in Sports Conditioning and Rehabilitation in Cardiff allowed me to understand in greater depth how to help people physically and mentally break their personal barriers and make the right steps towards maintaining their progress.

I have worked with clients who have never stepped foot in a gym before to professional athletes in a variety of sports and find that mindset and consistency is the vital factor over anything else.

I want to help you become the person you want to be… Starting by helping you take that first step.

Jon Vickers
Head Trainer

Developing strong interpersonal relationships between client and trainer is what yields the best results were coming into train isn’t a chore but an enjoyable part of your lifestyle. Achieving your physical goals is individual and a step by step process where sustainable progress can be made.

My background in physical fitness stems from a professional rugby career for 9 seasons with Northampton Saints, Exeter Chiefs, Plymouth and Nottingham. Additionally, I am a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach. I look at training a client with same principals as an athlete would. Being stronger, fitter, leaner and importantly pain and injury free.

I have a range of clients, ranging from their 20’s through to their 70’s! I have a particular enjoyment in working with our senior clients where I aim to increase strength levels to make drastic improvements in quality of life and avoiding injury.

Everybody needs to begin somewhere and the first step is finding expert guidance where you will be the number one priority.

Dan Meredith
Founder & CEO