Sports Specific Training in Portishead

Sports Specific Training


If you are an athlete who is dedicated to being the best, you need more than standard personal training.

You need sport specific training that allows you to see real results and that will truly improve your sporting performance.

As fitness experts and athletes ourselves, with a genuine passion for every kind of sport, we are proud to be able to offer first-class sport specific training in Portishead to semi- professional, professional and aspiring athletes.

Our highly-focussed sport specific training in Portishead is specially designed to help you become the best athlete you can be in your specific field.

We are specialist trainers for all kinds of athletes who partake in all kinds of sports – from football, rugby and netball to skiing, horse riding and golf.

We base all our sport specific training on methods supported by scientific evidence and years of practical experience.

As with all our programmes, the service is first-rate and our focus is on real results, measured by regular assessment.

A full consultation with us will establish your strengths and weaknesses and the particular athletic objectives you want to achieve. We will then design a programme of sports specific training in Portishead that we guarantee will take you to the next level.

Our programmes can focus on weight training, speed-building and conditioning. We can also concentrate on strengthening your keys sets of muscles and building a range of movement in order to improve your general performance and decrease your risk of injury.

We understand the importance of building on your ability and strength over a period of time. In order to play or perform at a higher level, you need to train at a higher level.

Your programme of sports specific training in Portishead will ensure you remain challenged at all times. As an athlete, you can’t afford any period of plateau, so we will ensure your sessions are varied and interesting.

Our sports specific training will leave you feeling stronger, faster and fitter than ever before. Our fully-qualified trainers will also be on hand to motivate and encourage you at every step of the way.

Often the environment you train in is as important as the training programme. We are an exclusive facility that offers superior sports training to talented and determined sportspeople. By choosing Pure Results you will workout in a focussed, professional and comfortable environment.