Dumbie health and fitness in Portishead

Pure Results in Portishead, Bristol, is an exclusive training facility that is unlike any other.

We have brought together a world-class team of highly-specialist personal trainers, nutritionists and health experts in order to offer a superior health and fitness experience.

Our focus is purely on results, and with 10,000 hours of experience, we are so confident about being able to deliver them that we offer a 100 per cent guarantee to every single one of our clients.

Unlike run of the mill personal training in Bristol, we base our methods and practices on the very latest scientific research and evidence. We believe in facts, not fads.

Your health and well-being is our primary concern, and our extensive knowledge and experience means you can trust us to take first class care of you.

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We pride ourselves on offering a bespoke alternative to ineffective gym memberships and mundane personal training sessions.

We offer a complete package that is based on specialist personal training but incorporates a number of other exclusive elements, including nutrition, supplementation and sports specific training, which are proven to bring about the best results possible.

Our primary and most popular method of transformation is through one-on-one personal training. This allows you to work exclusively with one of our highly-skilled trainers who will individually tailor an intricate workout plan in order to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Whether your motivation is to lose weight, develop as an athlete or improve your mobility and reduce pain after an injury or illness, we can design a personalised plan to help.

For those with a specific time frame in mind, we have put together a number of tailored plans and bespoke packages which promise results within six to 12 months, depending on which option you choose.

As authorities on health and fitness in Portishead and beyond, at Pure Results we also offer semi-private personal training which trains up to three people at one time and kettlebell bootcamps.

For professional, semi-professional and aspiring athletes we provide sport specific training and rehabilitation training to take you to the next level of athletic performance.

We are particularly passionate about nutrition and we are also able to offer advice you can trust on nutritional strategies and the best advanced supplementation for optimal health, weight loss and performance.

Pure Results is an entirely independent and impartial facility that is not tied to a big supplement or training brand. We pride ourselves on providing honest advice, realistic timescales and complete support.

Your health and your success are as important to us as it is to you.

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