Semi-private Personal Training small group personal training in Portishead

Semi Private Training


As part of our exclusive portfolio of services at Pure Results Portishead we offer semi- private personal training.

Training in small groups of two or three people can be a more motivating and focussed way to achieve your fitness goals than by going it alone in the gym or attending large group workout classes.

By choosing small group personal training in Portishead, you are choosing an effective route to success.

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We know from our extensive training and years of experience that the sense of camaraderie which comes in-built with our small group training sessions not only makes our workouts enjoyable, but also produces better results – and, after all, that’s what really counts here at Pure Results. This is the place to come if you want to work with a top personal trainer in Portishead and obtain the desired results.

We base all our workouts on the best, scientifically proven methods to burn fat and get strong and healthy. Scientific research has shown that working out in a small group makes you more likely to stick with your fitness programme and avoid making excuses.

By exercising with people who share your aspirations, and with a qualified personal trainer in Portishead at your side, you will train harder and better than you ever would on your own.

By working with a fully-trained fitness coach in small group sessions, you can avoid the boredom and plateaus that can set in when training alone at a gym.

You won’t need to worry about putting together a plan – that’s all part of the five star personal training in Portishead service that we offer our clients. All you need to do is focus on putting in 100 per cent of your energy and effort into your workouts. Leave the rest up to us.

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